1. Sit Ups (or anything in this position) – Doing sit-ups when you have DR actually spreads the gap further apart causing more damage. Even once your core has been restored you will not want to add this exercise back in. Trust me you can still have 6-pack abs without this exercise.


  1. Planks – Until your core is restored and can handle the pressure from the gravitational pull you want to not do planks as putting more pressure on the core in a negative way can cause the gap to become worse.


  1. Deep Squats – When you deep squat your pelvis will naturally tilt posteriorly causing the muscles to shorten and become weak. When the muscles shorten and become weak this causes more dysfunction and allows for more leakage.


  1. Russian Twists – This is another exercise that can cause too much pressure on the core and reverse all your hard work or make it worse. Clients once their core has been restored they can add this back in, but some may not be able to add this back in ever.


  1. Reverse Crunch Leg Lifts – This can be detrimental to your core especially when in the incline position. This is too much pressure on the connective tissue and will cause the gap to become worse.


  1. Tucking Pelvis/Binding – Some methods will tell you to tuck under and or bind your stomach to help support your core. As mentioned above tucking your pelvis causes the muscles to shorten and weakens the pelvic floor. When binding although it may seem to help by keeping the muscles together it actually is not allowing you to use those muscles which is the exact opposite of what you want to do.


  1. Kegels – Never stop your pee mid stream! This is not healthy and not using the correct muscles you should be using. The muscles you want to engage are the deep pelvic muscles, which you want to think about sucking up a smoothie from each individual hole (yes all 3 to engage the right muscles).


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