Do you want to know how you specifically burn fat?

Take the quiz and find out!

Don’t stop and think about the details in the question, just mark the answer that fits you the best. If none of the answers suit you, then choose the one that is closest to you most of the time.

1. Which of the following meals would give you sustained and lasting energy if it were the only meal you could eat all day?

2. What best describes your reaction to high-carbohydrate foods such as pasta or potatoes?

3. When it comes to desserts, which do you prefer?

4. What best describes your reaction to eating protein such as chicken, steak, or eggs?

5. Which do you crave the most?

6. What describes your reaction to strong bright lights?

7. What best describes your tendency toward anxiety or depression?

8. What best describes your current weight?

9. How do you best describe your appetite?

10. What best describes your facial skin?

11. If you needed to stay focused for a long period of time, which would help?

12. What best describes your digestive system?

13. What state best describes your energy levels?

14. What happens when you skip meals?

15. What best describes your sleeping habits?

16. How do you best describe how old you look?

17. When do you perspire?

18. How do you best describe your state of awareness and alertness?