Hi and Welcome to the Gillay Nutritional Gym™!  I’m Krissy Gillay, and I am a transformational hormone coach.

I am a mother of three girls (19, 12 & 10) and I have always had a passion for fitness my entire life. Back in 2011 after my third child, and struggling with the shape of my body, I decided to find a solution. Over the years I tried multiple diets, distance running, and any form of exercise you could imagine. However, despite my best efforts I was not losing any weight and actually seemed to be gaining fat. Then I found a company that believed in Rest Based Training and no running!  WHAT?!  I was super excited as I hate running. It completely changed my way of thinking and really helped me lose the weight plus tone up and achieve the body I wanted. I knew at this point in my life my mission was to help others who have struggled the way I have struggled.

What I do is different than most coaches as I have been down a long road of metabolic damage, adrenal dysfunction, hormone dysfunction, and I developed two different autoimmune disorders along the way. My shortened story is…. 15 yrs ago I became extremely sick, I couldn’t hold anything in, not even water! From that day forward I knew something was wrong. I went to doctor after doctor and saw specialist after specialist. My health would be good for a few days/weeks and then I would completely crash and feel horrible and could barely function. All my labs came back normal, I was called fat by 3 doctors even though I only weighed 117lbs and my only complaint was extreme bloating. I literally looked 6 months pregnant all the time!

I started gaining weight and couldn’t lose it no matter how much running, weight lifting, or dieting I was doing. I became obsessed with exercising and food and that’s when all these weird hormonal symptoms started happening. A good friend of mine introduced me to a company who changed my life because they said you’re not losing weight because of your hormones. You actually need to stop running and start lifting heavy and look at how food impacts hormones versus the other way around. For whatever reason that really made me go YES!! That’s me!! I went through one of their 10 week programs and then certified with them in nutrition with a focus on the gut. From there I went into exercise science and went to college for health, wellness, and fitness. I then continued on because I didn’t believe in what the colleges were preaching about weight loss and hormone management to certify in full transformational nutrition and health. From there, I went to specialize in hormones, emotional eating, mental health, autoimmune disorders and teen weight loss. I have also hired and worked with the best of the best doctors/coaches/people in the holistic industry to learn all that I know to help women who suffer just like I did to take back their life.

I don’t believe in a one size fits all diet, I actually don’t believe in diets at all. I believe in lifestyle change. We are all unique and have a unique metabolism and that’s why diets fail. I help women figure out what nutrition they need to lose fat from macros counting to exercising. I don’t give you a diet where you can fail, I give you real tools with real food that you can use even after working with me to be successful for life.

I would love to get your started by providing you a free 45 minute Breakthrough Session where we discover what’s holding you back and how to get real results.

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