MUTU Pro means I have undergone extensive training in Diastasis Recti/Pelvic Floor as well as the MUTU System. I myself have been doing the MUTU System for over four years and truly have seen the difference it makes in my life! Click HERE to learn more about the MUTU System.

My MUTU Story

I first found MUTU System a year and a half after having my third child. I had worked hard to strength train and lose fat and yet some how still looked pregnant! I researched and researched what was going on and didn’t find a lot except to just keep working your core. I finally came across a doctor who told me I had Diastasis Recti. Yes!  Finally, I have a name to what is going on! However, she said the only way to fix it was through surgery. I felt horrible after I was told this, I finally got the answer I was looking for, and now my only option is surgery?! Well as you can imagine, a mom with 3 kids doesn’t have time for surgery. So I researched again and spent hundreds of dollars on programs and binding aids. You name it, I tried it, until I came across MUTU System. This happened to be my last ditch effort before throwing in the towel and heading to surgery. I am ever so thankful that I found MuTu System and it worked then and still works for me now!

Look at the Results!

As moms, sometimes we feel like the mommy tummy will never go away, or it’s ok that I pee when I sneeze or cough. I am here to tell you that isn’t true! In fact, most of the time you are doing things that are hindering results instead of helping results.  We should not be peeing when we laugh, jump or sneeze, and if you are then we need to work on strengthening the pelvic floor and core muscles. If you have Diastasis Recti or look pregnant even when you’re not, then you need to strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles. Now I am not talking about doing sit-ups and kegels (these actually do the opposite effect of what you want), I am talking about the deep ab muscles like the transverse abdominus and pelvic floor muscles.

When working with me, I will help you train those core and pelvic floor muscles in a safe and effective way. I will teach what not to do along with what you need to do. I will walk with you every step of the way! I will teach you not only core and pelvic floor strength but also include full workouts to strengthen the entire body, along with a nutrition guide on how to get your body to burn fat!

Want to try the MUTU System on your own? Click HERE to get the system and start training on your own! If you have questions along the way you can set up a conference call with me HERE.