This is the first program I have ever completed start to finish! That is not to say I never made any mistakes but Krissy always encouraged me to just keep moving and not dwell on mistakes. I lost 9 lbs and 7 inches total from different parts of my body. The best part is that I look noticeably different and my clothes fit better! I plan to continue using a lot of this program moving forward. It is not about dieting but changing your lifestyle to be healthier in the long run. I feel much more in control of myself when it comes to food. The daily e-mails were full of important information and the daily Facebook check-ins were crucial to my success. I appreciated the direct links to the work out videos and I worked out along with Krissy every time! This was my first time learning about Rest Based Training and I really liked that I did not waste time but was able to get a maximum effect in minimal time. Krissy is so easy to talk to and responds amazingly quickly. Every question I asked was always answered! Another bonus for me was to work with someone who is so familiar with diastasis recti, which is how I found her in the first place. I was ready for a change and I am so happy I found Krissy to guide me through those changes!

-Jennifer S

Starting this 4 week program has been exactly what I needed. Making a habit of exercising has really recharged my batteries so to speak. It’s all connected for me… and starting regular exercise is what gave me a boost. By exercising regularly my energy levels have increased, I am more relaxed, I have the right mindset to make beneficial food decisions and sleep better!

-Amanda Camden

Results were better than I imagined they would be. Coach Krissy was very helpful and encouraging. She was helpful in figuring out food sensitivities and what to try instead to keep me on track. I was thrilled when I saw the scale change in the first week and even more thrilled the second week. If you are unsure about whether you can do this strict diet and workout routine, just try it. What do you have to lose? Fat? Inches?

-Meagan B.

I really learned what I had been doing wrong for so many years. I learned new habits and a new way of eating that finally gave me results. I have more energy and feeling overall so much better about myself.

-Patty G (67 yrs old)

I lost over 20lbs and over 20 inches! I have successfully kept it off for over 6 months now! I am more flexible and have the energy I need to run around with the grandkids. Best of all my hips and joints don’t hurt like they use too. I love the new me and Coach Krissy was there every step of the way helping me figure out what worked for me. Thank you so much Coach Krissy!

-Pam O (64 yrs old)